Recycling Electronics Today, for a Greener Tomorrow

Clear-outs of Learning Institutions

Recycling Electronics Today, for a Greener Tomorrow

Clear-outs of Offices and Warehouses

Recycling Electronics Today, for a Greener Tomorrow

Clear-outs of Government Departments

Cleaning up Electronic Waste for a Greener future !

E-Waste recycling is a win-win situation: cash in your pocket and slimmer landfills, right?

Unfortunately, E-Waste recycling is not just about recycling units and getting cash. It's about demanufacturing the electronic units into fractions of E-Waste - which falls into the "don't try this at home, kids" category.

One of the reasons electronic recycling has become such a big concern is that properly demanufacturing these units is really labour intensive and dangerous.

Zenzele Electronic Waste Recycling takes the strain out of the recycling industry by complying to safety and environmental standards to securely demanufacture and detox complete electronic units into various fractions before it goes to a recycling plant, such as Desco Electronic Recyclers.

Offices & Schools

Keeping that out-dated not-working I.T. equipment as a back-up to your current modern equipment...

Server Rooms

Get rid of the old redundant servers that take up cabinet space and minimizes productivity...

Networking Infrastructure

Old cables, routers and switches can become an eye-sore no matter where you try and hide it...

Why choose Zenzele ?

In a time when we as individuals need to become more aware of our actions toward the environment, there is a greater need to become more socially responsible towards the disposal of Electronic Waste.

Zenzele Electronic Waste Recycling is motived to fill the gap where; South African citizens may feel at peace with the knowledge that their disposal of electronic waste is managed in a clean and responsible manner.

We provide a service to which we collect E-Waste from individuals, companies and corporates with the goal of being the number one choice for disposal of electronic waste. We wish to conform to a standard of excellence by providing quality service for the disposal of electronic waste by ensuring it is done in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

  • 1BBBEE Level 1
  • 2Member of eWASA
  • 3Member of SAEWA

What is "Demanufacturing" ?

Demanufacturing refers to the dismantling of electronic equipment for scrap metals reclamation and component recovery.

Zenzele's recovery of hazardous components reduces the toxicity of the waste and ensures proper disposal or recycling for the residual waste stream. Raw materials are recovered and are ultimately reused for manufacturing metals, plastics and glass.

This service significantly reduces the amount of E-Waste that enters our landfills and your participation in this program gives assurance in your role of protecting the environment. Read More...

  • 4Focused on eradicating e-waste
  • 5All e-waste fractions are sent to Desco Electronic Recyclers, who are ISO 140001 certified
  • 6Use our own staff, vehicles and property

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